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 The Round Oak Stove Company was founded in 1871 in Dowagiac,Michigan by P.D. Beckwith (Philo D. Beckwith). Beckwith cast his first stove around 1867 to heat his struggling foundry and shortly after, the Michigan Central Railroad ordered the heaters for its depots between Detroit and Chicago. By 1871, Beckwith was mainly producing heating stoves, and thus founded the company
  "Over the years many models  of the Round Oak stove were  sold . 
  The first stove was quite  plain with an ash door that  lifted off. A hinged ash pit  door was added in 1887 and  various other improvements  and embellishments were  made over the years. 
  Round Oak was to Dowagiac,  Michigan what Henry Ford  and the Model T were to  Detroit.The Round Oak stove  put Dowagiac,Michigan map.It  was considered the best all-  around heating stove of the  world.
  With a Round Oak you could  have as much or as little  heat as you desired and burn  any kind of fuel like soft  coal, hard coal or wood." 
 Excerpt from:
 "The Round Oak Stove People and other Dowagiac,Michigan personalities"
Written and published by 
Barbara W & Grafton H Cook 2001        
                5/21/14 Bonnie Lee Thomas