Specializing in Round Oak Stoves and Parts 

                              We also sell parts for 

         Florence,Radiant Home,Bridge Beach and others

PLEASE MAKE CHECKS AND MONEY ORDERS PAYABLE TO                                           GARY DAVIS

These pictures DO NOT enlarge. Contact Gary with any questions

Belly Plaques 
various sizes 
Ash Door & Sliders 
various size 

Ash Door Washer 
Various sizes 
Hinge Pin 
Hinge Pin Cap 
Flue Slides 
Various Sizes 
Foot Rests 
Various Sizes 
Wood Grates 
Various Sizes 
$45.00-90.00 bottom view
Various Size $25.00-35.00 
bottom view 

Lids and grates 
will fit other 
makes and models 
of wood stoves

Cook stove Liner $50.00

Swing top
Various Size 

Draft Hood 
Various sizes 

Big Bead Jackets 
Various Sizes 
Stove Pipe Adaptor
Oval to Round
7"to 6"
6"to 6"